Plan to get breastfeeding off to a good start

My Birth and Baby antenatal breastfeeding preparation sessions are perfect if you’re pregnant and want to learn all about breastfeeding ready for when your baby arrives!

This package includes a session for yourself and your partner (or whoever who will be supporting you with breastfeeding) in your own home. Two follow up telephone calls help you to remember what we discussed and give you the chance to ask any questions you think of after the session.

The ideal time for the main session is when you’re around 7-8 months pregnant. But if it’s more convenient or you’re feeling anxious, it can be done earlier or later. It’s followed by a phone call shortly after, to cover any questions that crop up after the session. Then there’s another phone call closer to the time you’re expecting your baby to be born, to act as a refresher.

What does it cover?

The plan for the breastfeeding session is flexible, so we can cover the things that are important to you. It combines information and the opportunity to ask any questions you might have. We’ll discuss any concerns you’ve got, especially if you’ve had problems with breastfeeding before or have friends who’ve struggled. But it usually includes:

  • Preparing to breastfeed Understand the changes that are happening to your body and your baby’s development, in preparation for breastfeeding. What you can do whilst pregnant to get ready for breastfeeding.
  • Birth and breastfeeding How aspects of your birth might influence breastfeeding.
  • The first feeds Practical suggestions to help the first few feeds go well. Includes how birth interventions or having a caesarean might influence breastfeeding. Tips for things to include on your birth plan relating to breastfeeding.
  • The ‘how to’ Positions for breastfeeding. How your baby latches on to your breast to feed. How to enable him or her to feed in a way that is effective and pain-free for you.
  • What to expect Everything from the signs that your baby is getting enough milk to how often you can expect him or her to feed.
  • Supporting the breastfeeding mum and baby Focus on your partner and/or other people who will be supporting you as you breastfeed. Consider how they can help you and also be very involved with your new baby.
  • Sources of breastfeeding support Where you can get help when your baby is here, should you need it. Also considering the best websites and books that can help you now and after your baby is born.
  • Special circumstances If you have had a baby before, this session will include what happened with feeding last time and any impact this might have on your new baby. If you are expecting twins or more, this will of course all be covered from the point of view of having more than one baby.
  • Expressing breastmilk This includes hand expressing and pumping. Also antenatal colostrum harvesting if you would like to do this.

You can also combine the Antenatal Breastfeeding Preparation with a full antenatal or hypnobirthing course. It’s all flexible, to meet your needs.

What about support after my baby is born?

You might want to arrange a breastfeeding support bundles. These combine antenatal preparation with practical support after your baby is born. Or you might prefer to wait and see how breastfeeding goes and arrange a breastfeeding support consultation if and when you need it.

Find out more by clicking on the links below or contact me if you’ve got any questions.

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