Skilled, practical breastfeeding help

If you and your baby are experiencing difficulties with breastfeeding and would like some skilled, practical breastfeeding help, please contact me to arrange an initial no-obligation chat on the phone. This gives you the chance to ask any questions you have about how I might be able to help you. You can then decide if you want to arrange a consultation. If you do, we will arrange a time for me to visit you at home (usually within 24 hours).

What does it involve?

During the visit, my focus will be on listening to you. We’ll work together so that we can come up with suggestions that you are happy with. I won’t be touching your breasts. I think it’s really important that I explain ways for you to do things, rather than doing them for you. That way you’ll be able to continue to do it once I’ve left (so I’ve got lots of photos and other props that we can use). The whole session will take at least an hour as there is no rush, which is particularly important if you’re feeling tired and emotional.

I will ask you about what’s been happening with breastfeeding so far. What are your concerns? This will include asking about any previous babies, your pregnancy and birth. It may include examination of your baby’s mouth, with your permission, if there are indications that this would be beneficial. It will involve considering how your medical history and any medications you are taking might be impacting on breastfeeding. I will also observe a full breastfeed.

We will then discuss the likely causes of the difficulties you are experiencing and consider possible ways forward. Once you’ve asked any questions you might have and decided what seems right for you, we can try out any techniques that are likely to be helpful. We will then come up with an action plan. This will include confirming a time for me to call you to follow up, usually 1 to 3 days later, depending on the issues. Shortly after the consultation, I will email you a copy of my summary of what we discussed and the action plan, together with any resources that may be helpful.

Further visits or support by phone and email can be arranged as needed.

Find out more by clicking on the links below or contact me if you’ve got any questions.