Independent midwife in Sussex

I’m a private, independent midwife in Sussex. I cover Chichester, Worthing, Brighton and Eastbourne up to the Lewes, Haywards Heath and Horsham areas.

I’m a qualified midwife, registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC). But I have chosen to work outside of the NHS, to have the flexibility to offer bespoke midwifery care, where appointments are unhurried and personalised to meet your needs. I work with women who would like something different to what the NHS can offer and are looking for a holistic approach that is centred on their needs, or who don’t qualify for NHS care.

I can provide your antenatal and/or postnatal care, for instance if you don’t feel you need my support when you give birth or if you have chosen to give birth at a private hospital.

How I work

I provide unhurried antenatal and postnatal appointments in your home, at convenient times. If you’ve got other children, they can be as involved as you would like them to be. In between appointments, you can contact me whenever you’ve got a question or concern.

My aim is to help you have a positive experience of pregnancy, birth and early parenthood. So I provide a wide-ranging, holistic package of care. This includes providing information and support as you make decisions and checking on your wellbeing and that of your baby. I can provide practical help with everything from active birth to breastfeeding.

I feel passionately about the importance of having the type of birth that’s important for you. For many women who value a birth without interventions, giving birth at home and/or in water is the plan. Many of the women I work with use hypnobirthing, aromatherapy and other non-medical techniques, all of which I can help prepare you for. Or maybe you are planning a caesarean birth or know you will have your labour induced and you want to have a good understanding of what will happen and the choices you can make, so that your birth is as you want it to be.

You can choose the care you want. A ‘fully inclusive’ package includes midwifery care from early pregnancy up to 4 weeks after the birth of your baby. Or maybe you’d prefer a reduced package if you don’t need as much support or if you are already further along in your pregnancy. Alternatively there are stand alone appointments.

Some women choose private midwifery care alongside using NHS services, having NHS scans and blood tests. Other women access private providers for all elements of their care, including scans and blood tests. Some may be coming to the UK to have their baby and not have access to NHS care. I can facilitate all of these options.

Services available

  • Antenatal care. Regular antenatal visits in your home. Includes physical checks, preparing for a healthy pregnancy and planning for your birth and early parenting. Includes hypnobirthing and antenatal education, tailored to meet your needs, plus support by phone and text between visits
  • Postnatal care. Regular postnatal visits, daily at first. Focus is on feeding and supporting you as your become a new parent, as well as physical checks. Includes breastfeeding support and support by phone and text between visits
  • Individual visits. These can be helpful if you would like to discuss what happened during your previous birth, or to help with your birth planning, especially if you have difficult decisions to make or want to explore all of your options
  • Pre-conception and early pregnancy support. You might be looking for additional support to help you prepare for pregnancy or because this is a challenging time for you


I am fully insured for all the services I provide. For more information about the issues of insurance and midwives working outside of the NHS, see here.

Considering an independent midwife in Sussex?

For more information about independent midwifery, see this article from the NCT. Or to find out more about the services I offer as a private, independent midwife, see here.

If you are thinking about private midwifery care from an independent midwife in the Sussex area, please contact me for a no-obligation chat.

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